Mercedes-Benz at ExpoForo with the best mobility proposal for Mexico


22 June 2022

During Expo Foro 2022, Mercedes-Benz Autobuses concentrated the best mobility proposal for Mexicans in a single space of 2,520 square meters.

In these three days of the face-to-face exhibition in Mexico City, the Estrella de las Tres Puntas confirmed its leadership, commitment to customers and distributors, by offering the national market for new bus models with different bodies, as well as four launches that are integrated to the portfolio of brand products, with the highest technology, adaptable and efficient.

In addition, an after-sales service totally focused on the needs of the end customer and financing options, which with all these elements make it the most important player in providing comprehensive mobility solutions to the country, as well as the best opportunity for man-bus and the floaters.

The Mercedes-Benz Buses experience at Expo Foro 2022 will be comprehensive, since customers, distributors and visitors will be able to experience the comfort, flexibility and innovation of bus models and launches, as well as spare parts display modules, after-sales service and the personalized attention of the brand's commercial team, which makes the mobilization of more than 38 million passengers a reality every day.

Mercedes-Benz Autobuses celebrates 28 years of technological leadership in Mexico, of mobilizing people in their daily lives, and reaffirms it in the most prestigious event in the passenger transport industry.