20 January 2022

The government of Mexico City gave the starting signal to 65 Mercedes-Benz midibuses with Marcopolo bodywork for the start-up in the Legaria Corridor. These new vehicles represent an important evolution in the mobilization of the Latin American mega-metropolis, since they already have access to all the transportation systems of the big city with the single Integrated Mobility card.

Autobuses Unidos Legaria is the transport company that has obtained the concession for this corridor, which will have 72 fixed stops and which involved training 90 operators with theoretical and practical courses on machine technique, road safety and service experience for that users enjoy more pleasant trips.

These buses have the Mercedes-Benz LO916/48 chassis, powered by the OM924LA four-cylinder engine with 4.8 liters of displacement, turbocharged with intercooler, which delivers 154HP at 2,200rpm and 580Nm between 1,200 and 1,600 revolutions, complying with the Euro V emissions.

The Marcopolo Senior body is manufactured at the García plant, Nuevo León with the 2020 redesign, which reaches a length of 9.15 meters and 2.25 meters in width. It has GPS satellite tracking, surveillance cameras, passenger counting and friendly technology for more comfortable trips.

“Today we are working for a comprehensive transportation network, where more than 40 billion pesos have been invested in this network. The right to quality mobility and transportation has been an initiative of the head of government and for that support today we give the starting signal for these units, replacing the 173 microbuses on route 17 and route 28 that cover the Metro routes Tacuba- Medical Specialties; Metro Tacuba-San Isidro; Metro Tacuba-Tecamachalco; and Tacuba ESIA» indicated Jesús Padilla Centeno, President of Grupo Movilidad de Vanguardia (MOVA).