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30 Jul 2015


ARIO, A REVOLUTIONARY EASY-TO-INSTALL SOLUTION FOR DROWSINESS BEHIND THE WHEEL It is a well-known fact that driving with diminished attention can be dangerous, and often deadly. In 2012, over 28.000 people in the EU died in traffic accidents, many of which involved heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and buses. According to recent studies, a staggering 34,4% of reported HGV accidents are caused by drivers experiencing fatigue or non-attention. By contrast, only 14% are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol.

DTS, a Belgian startup company working to revolutionize the transport industry, has recognized the importance of optimal safety in transportation. Their innovation, Ario, is geared towards achieving one of the most critical components of safety: the attention behind the wheel.
Using simple, effective technology, DTS provides their clients with the ability to monitor a driver's performance, and alert them when their performance falls below the threshold of safe activity. Ario attaches to the steering axle of the vehicle, and transmits a signal to the driver when steering accuracy decreases, or no steering is detected at all. The basic principle behind this system is that while driving a heavy goods vehicle, you must constantly make micro adjustments. Ario registers these adjustments and gives feedback to the driver if he isn’t making enough corrections or he stops correcting entirely. Effectively indicating he is busy with something he should not be doing, like texting or tuning the radio, or in the worst case, falling asleep. If the driver fails to respond to the visible stimuli by adjusting his steering behaviour, Ario will start buzzing, at which point the driver must interact manually with a touchable user interface. This information can also be relayed to the base of operations if the client chooses the Ario Plus program, making it ideal for implementation in fleet management systems.
With Ario, the engineers at DTS have created a product that can not only prevent accidents in the critical moments before they happen, but offer long-term solutions for safer driving as well. By monitoring the performance of drivers, transportation companies can recognize unsafe patterns in employee behaviour on the road, and adjust their drivers' schedules to optimize alertness and capability. Ario is designed for aftermarket fitting, making it independent from any manufacturer, affordable, and easy to install.
Ario was released in a beta version in June 2015 and is being used and tested by five Belgian coach companies. First responses of the drivers and the companies are very positive. The product is constantly being tweaked to further accommodate the needs of coach companies and increase the safety of both the driver and the passengers.
At the latest edition of Busworld India in Mumbai, DTS presented its solution to the Indian bus and coach market. In collaboration with Trimble they are currently preparing field trials in India. The pilot projects are foreseen to start in September 2015. A beta release for India is planned for November 2015.

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